About Us

About Railway Mongolia

RAILWAY MONGOLIA is an ULAANBAATAR CITY-based tour operator offering fully-escorted off road tours around Mongolian, hotel reservations and international rail ticket purchase from Mongolia. Established in 2004, RAILWAY MONGOLIA initially offered an international rail ticket purchase.   Today RAILWAY MONGOLIA is also proud to offer a variety of tours and group tour packages, varying from day tour to adventure packages tours. These packages provide an opportunity to experience the must-see attractions of Mongolia in the comfort of our luxury coaches and off road jeeps with the company of our professional tour guides.  Our tours packages offer convenient pick-up’s from Downtown Ulaanbaatar and Airport hotels.

Our mission is to offer quality hotels and exceptional services, all at an affordable price.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


Whether you are looking for a family vacation, couples retreat, or a shopping getaway, COMFORT TOUR Mongolia has it all! Our tour packages are set at an easy pace and are suitable for travellers of all ages.


One of the many factors that guarantee RAILWAY MONGOLIA stands out from the competition is our group of over 20 licensed, professional tour directors who care for your holiday as if it were their own. Each tour director makes an effort to accommodate travellers and ensure a fun and stress-free trip for everyone.


Thanks to our partners and customers, our tours continue to improve and RAILWAY MONGOLIA continues to evolve as a premium tour operator. We extend our thanks to our returning clients for their loyalty and testimony to our success over the past ten years. We are also always very pleased to invite new clients to join us on our wide variety of tours!


Book a tour with RAILWAY MONGOLIA today, and leave it to up to us to create a travel experience you are sure to remember!

Railway Mongolia Care

Railway Mongolia gives back to children in communities around Ulaanbaatar City. With a focus on basic needs – namely hunger and education – we have set forth on a mission to equalize the playing field for all children, no matter their circumstance. It is our hope that with helping hands, they can receive the tools to accomplish their dreams. Railway Mongolia enhances people’s lives through travel; likewise, we aim philanthropically to enhance the lives of those who live in the communities where we live and where we travel. Engaged employees are the heart and soul of our program which is why each year, they give over 4,500 hours of service.