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Zaisan Hill, Bogd Khan, Chinggis Square, National MuseumGhandan Monastery


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Our selection of monument in Ulaanbaatar City for your visit

Zaisan Hill

Built by the Russians to commemorate ‘unknown soldiers and heroes’ from various wars, the Zaisan Memorial features stirring socialist realism imagery with Soviet mosaics and reliefs, including that of Stalin and Lenin. Accessed via steep stairs, the monument sits atop the hill south of the city with wonderful views of Ulaanbaatar and the surrounding hills – but blighted by recent high-rise commercial development.

Bogd Khan Museum

Built between 1893 and 1903, the Chinese style complex includes six temples, each one of them contains Buddhist artwork, including sculpture and thangka. It is one of the few Mongolian historical attractions which have neither been destroyed by the Soviets or the Communist Mongolians. On display are many of the Bogd Khan’s possessions, such as his throne and bed, his collection of art and stuffed animals, his ornate ceremonial ger, a pair of ceremonial boots given to the Khan by Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and also a jewelled regalia worn by the Bogd Khan’s pet elephant.

Chinggis Square

The iconic Genghis Khan Square, set in the heart of Ulaanbaatar, serves as a gathering space for travelers and locals alike. Once known as Sukhbaatar Square, its name was changed in 2013 as an homage to Mongolia’s most famous ruler. Its central location makes the square an ideal place to begin exploring the city.


Visitors will find a massive statue of Genghis Khan near the entrance to the regal Government Palace, as well as a towering statue of Damdin Sukhbaatar, a fearless man who led the revolution of 1921. In addition to the vast open space that serves as a gathering area for locals, visitors can see the Mongolian Stock Exchange, Blue Sky Tower and the home of the Mongolian ballet from the center of the square.

National Museum

Mongolia’s wonderful National Museum sweeps visitors from the Neolithic era right to the present day. It’s UB’s only genuine blockbuster sight, offering an unparalleled overview of Mongolian culture, ranging from stone-age petroglyphs and exquisite gold ornamentation to, arguably the highlight, the full gamut of traditional ceremonial costume

Ghandan Monastery

Around the start of the 19th century more than 100 süm (temples) and khiid (monasteries) served a population of about 50,000 in Urga (the former name of Ulaanbaatar). Only a handful of these buildings survived the religious purges of 1937. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that the people of Mongolia started to openly practise Buddhism again. This monastery is one of Mongolia’s most important, and also one of its biggest tourist attractions. The full name, Gandantegchinlen, translates roughly as ‘the great place of complete joy.