Train Travel Information


Long-distance and international trains feature a full Wars restaurant car (wagon restaurant). These feature sit-down table service, with a number of hot and cold meals available from the kitchen. Wars restaurant and bar cars are usually located in the middle of the train.


On routes with no bar car, there may be a refreshment trolley that passes through the train selling hot and cold drinks and snacks at some point during the trip.

Overnight Accommodation

You travel in a compartment with bunk beds. You will be sharing the compartment with other travellers. The compartments are quite narrow and confined once the beds are folded down and everyone’s luggage is stowed.


On all international trains, you can book 2nd and 1st class seats. Second class seats offer a 4- person compartments and first class seat offer a 2- person compartment. You will be provided with a pillow, blanket and clean sheets, and you need to make up your own bunk.


You should try to book 1st class car space as early as possible, in order to assure that you will be able to find a place. During the busy summer travel seasons, 1st class cars can often sell out 60 days in advance


From time to time, there are questions popping up on the internet or in guidebooks about the safety of train travel. However, on board crimes are a very rare exception rather than the rule.


Train stations are monitored by the railway police and officers can also be found on board some trains. If you need any assistance, you can ask these officers, or your train conductor. Still, when travelling, the use of common sense is always wise. If you are alert to what is going on around you, you will be one step ahead of the potential criminal, who may look for a more unsuspecting victim.


You may also want to keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • When moving through stations or boarding trains, always try to keep on arm free. Don’t get weighted down with baggage. A favorite trick of pickpockets is to create a “crush” as people struggle to enter or exit the train.
  • Keep your luggage in your line of sight at all times. Do not leave it unattended or where you cannot see it.
  • When looking for a place to sit, it might be better to sit with other passengers rather than try to find an empty compartment to sit in by yourself.
  • When travelling in a sleeping car or couchette, keep the door to your room locked while you’re asleep.
  • Use a money belt or neck pouch to safeguard your money and passport.